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    • When you choose a plan that includes a Toll-Free number you can have all your personal, business and private phone and fax numbers automatically routed to one number. When activated, the Call Forward feature allows you to forward all incoming calls into your GoSolo number, to a single destination or to your voicemail. This can be done permanently or for a specific period of time. You have one number to give out and you maintain your privacy by not having to ever give your individual phone or fax numbers. All incoming calls are welcomed by your own personal greeting and message.
    • Your GoSolo virtual assistant greets your callers according to the preferences you define when you record your greetings. By default, GoSolo greets your callers and prompts them to have the option to find the person you are calling (if the Find Me feature has been activated), leave a message or to join an audio conference. If GoSolo determines the incoming call is from a fax machine, it automatically attempts connection to the calling fax machine. Your virtual assistant ensures that your messages are stored in Message Center and you can forward them, delete them, or store them easily based on your preferences.
    • Your message center is where all various message types (voice, text, fax, email) are received and available to be viewed, organized, or forwarded on to others. Your message items are accessible both by phone as well as web access.

      The various voice, text, fax and email messages in your message center inbox are identified with unique icons to easily distinguish amongst message types. You may use folder views to only see messages of a specific type. You may also move messages from one folder to another, print, delete and download message items.
    • When this feature is activated, you do not have to use your pin number to log in to your Message Center. This feature is an option that you can turn on or off, and indicate what number(s) you would like to auto login from.
    • Caller ID will offer you the convenience to see who is calling before you answer your call and give you the ability to easily save contacts, like you are already accustomed to with your mobile phone today.
    • When activated, Find Me allows you to define default behavior as to how GoSolo manages incoming callers to your GoSolo number over a 24 hour 7 day period. You choose and indicate where and when you want to receive your calls.

      For example, during the weekends, you may prefer that all calls go to your GoSolo message service. Monday through Friday you can have all incoming calls ring to your office phone until 5 p.m. and to your cell phone in the evening.

      GoSolo rings your Find Me destinations in the sequence you define them. You can also use the 'call blast' option which rings up to 6 Find Me destinations simultaneously in an attempt to quickly connect the caller to you. You have the option of turning on or turning off this feature.
    • The Privacy Call Screening option, when activated, will prompt your caller for their name and then announce it to you when you answer the call. While the caller is listening to on-hold music, GoSolo gives you the option to accept the call or send it to voicemail after “Whisper” announcing the caller to you. If you accept the call, your caller is connected. Otherwise, your greeting is played and your caller is invited to leave a voice message, where you can listen to it at your leisure. You have the option of turning on or turning off this feature.
    • The Address Book allows you to maintain contact information in GoSolo. Additional capabilities allow you to upload, add, modify or delete contact information, synchronize it with your computer and external mobile devices and lookup other GoSolo members as well as create lists of contacts for broadcast purposes.
    • This feature makes it easy for you to deliver your message to a group of contacts. Broadcast refers to a list that can be created in your account by importing your contact file(s). Lists allows you to deliver voicemail and text messages to specific audiences.
    • This feature allows you to see all your messages (voice, text, fax, email) and alerts at a glance on your smartphone and works like an industry standard RSS feed.
    • When you activate the Message Forwarding option, you indicate your preferences and can have all your messages (voice, text, fax, email) automatically forwarded to any email account (personal, business, private).
    • Got an inspirational voice message that was sent to you that you'd love to share with your team, framed with your comments? Easily add comments to the original message by recording your message, and the most recent 2 comments will be attached to the original message! This is a great way to get your team focused on what is most important!
    • Content Café is your virtual home where you can quickly and easily share personal video and voice messages. But it’s much more than that, it’s a new way to grow your business by building more personal relationships with your team. It’s becoming easier every day to record video and voice messages on the go. With Content Café, you can easily upload and share your video or voice content with your entire team in no time. Using GoSolo to deliver it, you can ensure that your message reaches everyone.

      It’s your Content Café! It’s simple to create personalized channels and to organize content that makes sense to your team. You can effortlessly promote your message within GoSolo (via text, vmail, email distribution lists) and with integrated social media links available, you can quickly share with a wider audience on popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
      Preview Content Café!
    • With this feature, you can compose, send and receive faxes directly to or from your GoSolo number via email. You can also send faxes (including attach files) through a web browser in Message Center. GoSolo supports limited fax broadcasting so you can send one fax to up to 20 contacts.
    • With GoSolo you don't need a fax machine to send OR receive faxes, it's all digital!

      Email2Fax will help you run your business on the go! With Email2Fax you can easily attach various formats of documents (Microsoft Office 2010, PDF, pictures, etc.) in any email program (Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, etc.) and it will be received as a fax.

      Email2Fax = Mobile Office on the Move. Just imagine... faxing from your smart phone!

      Get Started Now!
      1. In your GoSolo account, select Account Setup
      2. Choose Email2Fax under Messaging
      3. Add up to 5 email addresses
      4. GoSolo will send an email verification of your Email2Fax setup
      5. You can now fax from the verified email address

      It's that easy! And anytime you send a fax, GoSolo will send you a notification message so you have confidence that your fax was received. Now, where ever you go, you can send a fax digitally without the expense, inconvenience or hassle of a fax machine.
    • Audio team collaboration tools for your team. Host, record and easily share audio conferences.
    • Send and receive text messages for real-time notification of news and events. You can send messages online to any combination of mobile numbers, GoSolo numbers, GoSolo contacts or lists.

      Once Mobile Message Center is available, you will also be able to easily send text messages directly from your mobile phone or smartphone. Expect his feature to be available by the end of 2010.